Eye of Newt

Eye of Newt

Coming Soon – Eye of Newt – a bewitching card game of terrible curses and riotous interaction.

Gather your ingredients and recite your rituals, the witching hour is here. Cast a curse with your fellow hags, but be warned − only one witch can decide what wickedness the spell invokes. Add the most potent components to the cauldron to take control and decide what curse is unleashed.

Each round, players take turns playing one of their ingredient cards on its associated pile. Playing a higher number increases your influence over the curse; advance your score token. Playing a lower number sends you back to the cupboard to draw new cards. Be careful not to run out of cards or things might get ugly.

The first player to advance their score token 5 times wins the round – and casts the curse. And that’s when things really get interesting. Curses affect the gameplay in any way the winner sees fit. Play a 7, switch hands with the player on your left. Play a 3, fly around the room on your broomstick. Nearly anything the winner can imagine is fair game. Curses build, round after round, creating a truly terrifying scene as the game progresses.

Eye of Newt combines simple hand management with the emergent gameplay provided by the curses for a truly unique and immersive experience. The game is only limited by players’ imagination – ensuring infinite variation and replayability – and most of all – a wickedly good time.

Gather around your cauldron for 20-40 minutes in this light-hearted and family-friendly party game for 3-8 players.

Game Features:

  • Simple, emergent gameplay
  • Player creativity and imagination
  • Infinite variation and replayability
  • Fun and family-friendly theme

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