Next Candidate

Next Candidate

Coming Soon – Next Candidate – a hilarious improv game of fantastical job interviewing antics.

Even fantasy characters need a day job. Choose your best candidate from a rag-tag group of legendary oddballs and fairytale misfits. Wager how likely your candidate is to be hired, but be careful – the greater your wager, the more unqualified your candidate may become.

Each round, one player takes on the role of the hiring manager and reveals a career card. The other players select the most qualified character from their hand and then press their luck, drawing 1, 2 or 3 attribute cards. The more they draw, the more points they could win if their candidate is hired. However, more cards mean more undesirable traits, and will make qualifying for the job much more difficult.

The hiring manager now begins the interview, asking each candidate a series of questions. Players take on the role of their candidate, including their unfortunate attributes, answering each question as directly (and ridiculously) as possible. The player who best sells their candidate (or is at least the least terrible) wins the round.

Next Candidate is a lively and rambunctious game for 3-8 players and takes between 30 to 60 minutes to play.

Game Features:

  • Hilarious, family-friendly gameplay
  • Infinite replayability – every game is different
  • Full of big laughs and unexpected twists
  • Scales well to accommodate very large groups
  • Combines creativity, improv and press your luck elements
  • Broad Appeal – a unique twist on familiar characters
  • Learn to play in just 2 minutes

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