Coming Soon – misAdventure – satirical adventure game, full of dangerous encounters and double-crossing teammates.

MisAdventure combines simple push-your-luck with strategic group deduction. How far will you delve before calling it quits? Will your teammates work together to defeat the monsters, or leave you to do the dirty work while they fill their pockets? Counter their plans with one of your own – but be careful! Misread the group, and you could end up exposed.

Game Features:

  • All the excitement and the back-biting of a classic dungeon crawl in a simple card game
  • No dice – players fail or succeed based solely on the party dynamic
  • Venture through 3 distinct realms, each with its own unique flair, with increasing challenges and rewards
  • Tempt fate by seeing how far you can go each round, but be sure to bail before things get too hairy
  • Work together with your teammates in order to survive
  • Leave your teammates out to dry, while you go searching for extra treasure
  • Think one of your teammates is about to stick it to the group? Counter their plans with one of your own
  • Scales seamlessly between 2-8 players
  • Simultaneous actions with no turns or downtime
  • No “take that” interactions – passively mess with your friends

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